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    In 2022, businesses face an ever-growing demand on technology, data and productivity. This means that a strong, reliable and fast internet connection is more crucial than ever. But which type of broadband should power your business?

    Discover the best FTTP providers

    As coverage across the UK grows and providers continue to offer affordable contracts, FTTP is increasingly becoming a great choice for businesses that want to access fast, reliable broadband.

    FTTP for business


    What is FTTP?

    Fibre to the premises (FTTP) is a broadband connection supplied solely through fibre-optic cables, instead of the more traditional mix of fibre-optic cables and copper wiring.

    A ‘full fibre’ connection means you can access greater speeds (typically 100Mbps to 1Gbps) and a more reliable service, compared to the older fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) technology. This is great news for businesses who rely on a fast, dependable internet service.

    FTTP is an increasingly popular alternative to leased lines, as one of the pros is, you can often save up to 6–7 times the monthly cost for a similar upload and download speed.


    fttp availability


    Can I get FTTP in my area?

    As is often the case with new and improved technologies, FTTP is still in a rollout phase across the UK. Some areas are better covered than others, but we expect to see this improve as providers increase coverage to help meet Government ambitions of serving the majority of UK premises by 2025.

    Many providers use the Openreach framework to supply FTTP to customers. BT and Zen serve the same areas as they both use Openreach. Providers with their own network, including Hyperoptic and Gigaclear, offer different coverage across the UK. This means that you could find that your area is serviced by one network or many, depending on where your business is based.

    Another factor that can influence whether you can get FTTP is the type of premises that you operate from. Due to the costs involved in setting up full fibre connections, FTTP is more likely to be available in developments where there is high demand – such as office blocks and business parks.

    If you’re not sure whether FTTP is available in your area, you can check now with our free FTTP availability checker.

    Can I get FTTP for my business?


    Who are the best FTTP providers for businesses?

    If you’re located in an area where FTTP is available, the next step is to compare providers to find the right supplier for your business.

    There are currently over 50 internet service providers (ISPs) offering FTTP to customers across the UK, some of which we’ve listed in our Ultimate Fibre to the Premises Guide. You’ll find a variety of packages on offer which can vary hugely in terms of set-up costs, monthly costs, speed and contract length.

    To help you find out more about the available options, here’s a look at some of the most popular FTTP providers.


    As one of the world’s leading communication services companies and parent company to Openreach, it’s no surprise that BT is a major player when it comes to FTTP. The behemoth has set a target to provide FTTP to four million premises by 2021 and even more by 2025.

    Research suggests that you can expect to see download speeds of around 200Mb and pay around £67 per month for this service through BT. There is a small set-up cost and you’re likely to be tied into a 12-month contract, which is standard for most of the providers on our list.

    You can’t currently buy FTTP directly from BT, however wholesale partners including Amvia can place an order for FTTP on Demand for you.

    Best FTTP provider for: businesses that want to stay with a well-known provider.


    Gigaclear is an ISP dedicated to serving rural areas with ultrafast fibre broadband. As they only offer FTTP and are focused on out-of-town locations, Gigaclear has become a specialist provider in the market and is one of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies.

    Like many ISPs, Gigaclear offers a number of options to choose from. Their business broadband packages range from 100Mb to 900Mb, costing £85.50 to £477.60 per month, respectively. There’s an activation cost for all packages and a minimum 24-month contract.

    Best FTTP provider for: businesses in rural locations.


    Hyperoptic is the biggest gigabit provider in the UK and a repeat winner of the Best Superfast Broadband award. The company offers FTTP to homes and business developments, with clusters in and around major cities including London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester.

    FTTP business broadband through Hyperoptic starts at £80 per month for 150Mb, rising to £250 per month for 1Gb.

    Best FTTP provider for: businesses in major cities or property developers working on new premises.


    Zen is one of only two Which? recommended broadband providers, scoring highly for reliability and high connection speeds. The company currently services 500,000 UK postcode areas and continues to invest in bringing technologies such as FTTP to a wider network.

    There are currently two FTTP packages available through Zen, where you can expect to pay £50 per month for 150Mb or £57 per month for 300Mb. Contracts are available for a minimum term of 12 months, with activation fees waived if you opt for a 24-month contract.

    Best FTTP provider for: businesses looking for a more affordable option.

    The best FTTP provider


    How can I find the right FTTP provider for my business?

    At Amvia, we’re connected with all the major FTTP networks, so the easiest way to find the right FTTP provider for your business is through using our hassle-free service.

    On average, businesses see a saving of 37 per cent when comparing FTTP providers with us.

    Our approach takes the guesswork out of finding the right FTTP provider. We’ll check availability in your area and present you with a side-by-side comparison of options to choose from. You’ll be able to directly compare prices, contract lengths and other details such as installation and activation fees.

    Find the right ultrafast fibre package for your business now:

    fttp availability


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