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    Did you know there are more than 50 business energy suppliers here in the UK? Most business and domestic users still choose one of the big six, however, there are many other suppliers which could also offer a great deal. The big six offer national coverage and a variety of tariffs which suit the needs of most business users, from small sole traders to large corporations. However, there are many alternative electricity and gas suppliers which are competing with the big six to offer competitive deals and great service too. We have compiled reviews of the big six suppliers, alongside a handpicked selection of alternative suppliers which may be able to meet the energy needs of your business.

    The big six UK business energy suppliers

    Below you will find a brief overview of the largest six energy companies.


    british gas





    British Gas

    Benefits to businesses:

    1) This is the largest business energy supplier in the UK and currently provides energy to almost 1 million businesses.

    2) There are fixed price tariffs available for gas and electricity of 1, 2 or 3 years.

    3) A variety of additional services are available, such as gas boiler services, maintenance, and repair contracts.

    4) Renewable energy contracts and services such as Solar PV are available.

    5) It is possible to save more by switching online.







    EDF Energy

    Benefits to businesses:

    1) There are bespoke gas and electricity plans available to businesses of every size.

    2) It is possible to arrange fixed-price contracts for a maximum of 4 years.

    3) If you are a start-up, there are short term contracts available.

    4) Call centre staff are all based in the UK.

    5) If you pay your bill by direct debit, you will be eligible for a 7% discount.





    Benefits to businesses:

    1) The service is used by almost half a million businesses in the UK.

    2) All new connections are provided free of charge.

    3) It is possible to fix tariff prices for 1, 2 or 3 years.

    4) If your business is looking to lower prices and improve energy efficiency, E.ON will offer free advice.

    5) Paying by direct debit each month will reduce your bill by 4%.





    Benefits to businesses:

    1) A variety of fixed-price contracts are available.

    2) If you want to switch at the end of your contract, there are no auto-rollovers of contracts.

    3) A variety of energy efficiency schemes are available to help you save energy.

    4) A range of plans is available which are designed to suit both micro-businesses and large multinational corporations.

    5) They use Smart Automated Meter Readers.


    scottish power



    Benefits to businesses:

    1) Electricity plans can be fixed for up to 3 years, with fixed price gas tariffs available for 1 or 2 years.

    2) A dedicated YourEnergy App will provide on the go access to your energy account.

    3) The team offer great energy efficiency advice.

    4) If you are a large business or high energy user, there are a range of bespoke products available.

    5) A range of flexible payment options is available, including direct debit, BACS and cash.





    Benefits to businesses:

    1) They currently supply around half a million businesses across the country.

    2) Fixed price contracts of 1, 2 and 3 years are available for both gas and electricity.

    3) If you are a large business, it is possible to arrange flexible contracts.

    4) The customer service team will help you find ways to improve business efficiency.

    5) They are the largest renewable energy generator within the UK.


    Renewable energy suppliers for businesses

    If your business is looking to reduce its impact on the environment, you may want to consider a green energy supplier. The following suppliers use renewable energy to heat and power businesses.


    bulb energy



    1) 100% of the electricity supplied is renewable.

    2) 10% of the gas supplied is renewable.

    3) There is no fixed length contract and no exit fees.




    Dong Energy

    1) Fixed price and flexible contracts are available for gas and electricity.

    2) They are the leading supplier of offshore wind electricity.

    3) It is possible to choose from energy sourced in the UK or Europe.





    1) They offer SMEs a 100% green energy tariff.

    2) They currently supply energy to roughly 10,000 businesses.

    3) It is possible to arrange on-site wind generation.





    1) The contracts are available to businesses in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

    2) 25% of wind power in Ireland is generated by Energia.

    3) They currently supply roughly 22% of Northern Ireland's businesses.




    1) Supplies both gas and electricity.

    2) Offers a variety of no-carbon energy plans.

    3) A variety of flexible products are available to reduce costs.


    Small & independent energy suppliers

    The following are smaller energy suppliers, however, their prices are often more competitive than the big six.

    Affect Energy

    1) Specialise in supplying small and medium-sized businesses.

    2) Offer gas and electricity contracts.

    3) Bulk buying energy is quick and easy.



    1) Specialise in supplying businesses with Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG).

    2) Offer a range of solutions for different industries.

    3) Only supply gas.


    Axis Energy

    1) Offer gas and electricity contracts.

    2) Fixed and flexible priced contracts are available.

    3) The call-centre team are based in the UK.


    Better Energy

    1) They supply gas; however, they also broker electricity.

    2) Their service includes the installation of an automatic meter reading device.

    3) They have been offering gas contracts since January 2011.


    Gazprom Energy

    1) This is a UK subsidiary of the Russian Gazprom business.

    2) They won the 2015 supplier of the year award.

    3) Business electricity and gas contracts are available.


    Go Effortless Energy

    1) The bills are easy to read.

    2) One tariff and only a single payment method are available, to help keep things simple.

    3) There is no chance of being moved to a more expensive tariff.


    Who is the cheapest business energy supplier?

    There is no single energy supplier which is cheaper, as rates and tariffs vary between each business and region. In addition, some suppliers offer specific services to businesses of different sizes, so no single supplier offers the cheapest contract.

    Who is the best supplier of business energy?

    There is no single supplier which we consider to be the best supplier, as each has its own pros and cons. The big six are large businesses which are likely to remain in business, however, their prices may not be as competitive. The smaller suppliers often offer better customer service; however, prices may not always be cheaper.

    Switching business energy supplier

    To switch energy suppliers, you will need to be within the renewal window period. Simply use our services to find the best quotes and your new supplier will manage the whole switch.

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