Best Phone and Broadband Deals for Business: What You Need to Know

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    There are few services that can impact your business as much as your internet and phone line. The  right business broadband and phone deal can give you a real competitive edge. You can use technology to automate processes, work more efficiently and use systems like VoIP to conduct business calls wherever you are. 

    If you’re in the market to upgrade your business phone and broadband, you’ll want to find the best deals possible. As it’s such a competitive marketplace, packages are more affordable than ever and you’ll find extras thrown in too – like 4G as backup and additional security protection. 

    In this guide, you’ll discover some popular business phone and broadband deals, advice on what to look for when comparing providers and how we can help you find the right package for your business. 


    Best Phone and Broadband Deals for Business

    Thinking of switching your business broadband provider? It can be tough to filter through all the different deals, promotions and offers out there to find the best option for your business. 

    Here are some of the best phone and broadband deals for business, including details on what’s included with each package and why it could make your shortlist. 


    Deal 1_ Unlimited Business Broadband by bOnline

    This business broadband deal from bOnline is affordable and includes line rental, which makes it a good choice for small businesses or freelancers on a budget. It also includes a domain name and email management for two email addresses, which is an extra saving if you need to buy these separately for your new business. 

    With download speeds of up to 18Mbps, this package may not be suitable for you if you rely on the internet to upload or download large files, process transactions heavily or want to make use of VoIP for internet phone calls. 

    bOnline also offers a range of other digital services and products for businesses, including online marketing, web design, SEO and email management. This is useful if you’re looking for a service provider that can handle all these aspects for you, allowing you to focus on running your business.


    Deal 2_ Superfast Fibre Enhanced + Value Phone Line by BT Business (1)

    If you need a broadband connection with extra reliability, this package from BT Business is a good option. It includes 4G Assure, which automatically switches you to the 4G network if your connection drops. This means no time is wasted while engineers fix the problem. 

    This broadband package makes use of fibre technology to bring you higher download speeds of up to 76Mbps and upload speeds of up to 19Mbps. Actual download and upload speeds will depend on the location of your premises, so check this before you sign any broadband contract. 

    You’ll need to upgrade to a premium package to include BT’s BTnet security package, but this plan does come with device protection provided by Symantec. This could help you save money if you currently pay for internet security and anti-virus protection from another software provider.


    Deal 3_ Superfast 76Mb Fibre and Calls by XLN

    For businesses that require fast download speeds at an affordable price, this plan by small business specialists XLN may be of interest. With this plan, you not only receive fibre broadband but unlimited calls with your phone package too. 

    XLN claim this package can bring you £505 worth of savings compared to a similar BT package. However, it’s worth doing your own research as some features like a static IP address or enhanced continuity may be more valuable to you. 

    A bonus of this business phone and broadband package is the free online security, which is worth £95. If you don’t already invest in security software this will bring you extra peace of mind.


    Deal 4_ Business Broadband Premium by Amvia (1)

    This business broadband package is a great option for businesses that need fast download speeds along with a static IP address, at an affordable monthly price. 

    Amvia’s business broadband packages come with premium support built in, including technical and customer support from experts that specialise in commercial broadband. This, combined with the business-only fibre network, means that you’re not competing with the needs of home broadband customers. 

    For extra resilience, you can add 4G to this plan. This acts as a backup resource in case of any downtime, allowing you to continue working while the problem is resolved. For businesses that can’t afford to be without their internet connection, this is a must. 


    Deal 5_ VOOM Fibre 2 by Virgin Media Business


    If you’re in an area serviced by Virgin Fibre you may be interested in this package, which offers fast download and upload speeds for a reasonable monthly cost. 

    Thanks to advanced technology, you’ll be able to access speeds of up to 350Mbps download and 15Mbps upload. While this isn’t available in all areas, it’s a budget-friendly alternative to a leased line. 

    This package allows you to add extras to your contract for a small monthly cost. This includes additional static IPs, faster upload speed and a shorter contract length. You’ll also want to budget for installation costs at a minimum of £50, with the exact cost depending on the construction required. 


    What should you look for when comparing business phone and broadband deals? 

    There’s a business phone and broadband package out there to suit every need, whether you work from home or run a growing business with multiple locations. Because every business is different, there’s often a lot of choices available in the market and features vary between plans. 

    Some features are standard to almost every business broadband contract, like a dedicated support team for commercial customers. Others are usually available as add-ons, like multiple static IP addresses or increased security. 

    Use the list below to help you decide which features you need from your business broadband. This will help you with your search and make it easier for you to compare providers. 


    Upload and download speeds

    Business broadband packages often come with faster speeds than home broadband. This is because not only can you choose from ADSL and fibre broadband, you have the option of investing in a leased line. 

    Internet service providers (ISPs) typically offer different levels of plans to suit different budgets. Most basic business broadband plans feature speeds of up to 20Mbps, followed by a mid-tier of up to 80Mbps. Some providers like Virgin Media offer speeds up to 500Mbps, which may be limited in coverage. 

    If you need high upload and download speeds, consider investing in a leased line instead of a fibre broadband package. Leased lines are symmetrical, which means you could see speeds of up to 1Gbps in both directions. 


    Customer support and reliability

    Business continuity is important so when something goes wrong, you'll want to be confident that you can reach your provider’s support team easily. 

    Many business broadband providers have a dedicated commercial team whose sole responsibility is to handle queries and resolve issues for businesses. They’re often available 24/7 by phone, email or live chat. 

    If you want additional reassurance that your phone and broadband issues will be solved within a specific timeframe, opt for a provider that offers a service level agreement (SLA). For businesses that need to ensure a connection exists even if there’s a fault with their broadband, choose a package that includes 4G as an automatic backup. 


    Dynamic or static IP address

    Most of us are used to dynamic IP addresses, as they’re standard for home broadband users. Your IP address changes frequently and you’re not assigned a specific address. 

    For many businesses, a dynamic IP address is sufficient. For some, however, it’s essential to invest in a package which includes at least one fixed IP address. 

    A static IP address will allow you to run systems and software that require a fixed location. This includes CCTV systems, servers for websites or email management, and to allow you to access your desktop remotely.


    Which business broadband and phone deals can Amvia offer? 

    As one of the UK’s fastest-growing telecoms companies, we can bring you some of the best business broadband and phone deals on the market. 

    Our free business broadband quote tool will help you shortlist your options based on your location, desired speeds and contract length. We compare over 50 broadband and phone providers including BT, CityFibre, TalkTalk, Vodafone and Virgin Media to bring you a tailored list of deals. 

    At Amvia we can also provide you with access to business broadband deals and products that you can’t find directly on provider websites. For example, we can help you sign up for BT’s fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband which is only available through wholesale partners. 

    To find our best business broadband and phone deals, start your free business broadband quote today. 

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