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    If you’re looking to save on your business gas prices, then you’ve probably had a look around yourself for the best rates on the market. But when it comes to finding the best deal in one single place, comparison sites are a natural choice. Providing input into the lowest quotes available from the biggest names in energy, using a comparison site could potentially save you hundreds on your energy bills, including your overall expenditure on gas.

    So, which comparison site is the ideal option for you? If you’re looking for business energy, including business gas, there are a few top sites to try out. As with any service, it’s always recommended to extend your search beyond one service – so while it’s a great idea to pick one of these five for initial quotes, branching out to a couple more can ensure you’re getting the best price for your business.

    Here are the top five business gas comparison websites that you might want to consider:

    Love Energy Savings

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    With a specific focus on energy savings – as the name suggests – Love Energy Savings is more of a specialised service than other options on this list. With fingers in fewer pies, this particular comparison site is an excellent option if you’re only looking to change over business energy in particular. Advertising over 70k switches, and an impressive £20 million in combined savings on business gas bills, that’s plenty of incentive to give this specific platform a whirl.

    Love Energy Savings makes the comparison process easy, only requiring your postcode and necessary details to find quotes that suit your business needs. All the top suppliers are included, from Eon to British Gas to EDF. However, the service also goes out into greener pastures with suppliers like Octopus to provide a greener, renewable alternative to traditional gas energy.

    With all parts of the process completed in minutes online, getting those quotes is easy and fast – and switching is just as convenient. Love Energy Savings claims results in only 60 seconds, allowing you to gather quotes immediately and then switch through their service with no additional work required.

    Uswitch for Business

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    While Uswitch made a name for themselves in the residential sector, the company has since diversified into business-specific services for energy. While no option is explicitly offered for gas, it is bundled in with electricity quotations, allowing you to switch quickly and conveniently in one go. While the company doesn’t actively advertise a specific saving for their services, they make it clear they’re experts in the field – and their goal is to get you the best deal.

    In terms of the process for getting a quote, all you need to do is enter your postcode and provide some information to get all those prices through to compare. A wide range of different suppliers is included on their list also, from Opus Energy and EDF through to Contract Natural Gas and Gazprom. With a comprehensive list, there’s plenty of options and tariffs available to check out.

    Uswitch also provides the option to call them directly to find the best savings, as well as setting up a call back for a later date. If you’re looking for immediate results or switching quickly, this is a valuable addition. But for those simply looking to gather quotes, it’s an extra step that’s not necessary to take.

    British Business Energy

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    This platform may not be quite as slick-looking as some of its competitors in the market, but British Business Energy makes up for that lack of polish with extra functionality built-in. With information on all current supplier standing charges available on the page, as well as plenty of information on finding the right supplier, this platform has plenty going for it.

    It’s also handy that you’re provided with the option to quote for gas, electric or both up-front – providing additional options. However, in terms of suppliers, British Business Energy is slightly more on the sparse side. Npower, British Gas and Eon are included on the list, however, as well as Bulb and CNG, providing an excellent selection of quotes to look at.

    With only 60 seconds needed to get a quote, and ample information on the platform about how switching business gas works and more, British Business Energy is more than it appears. If you’re after a quick quote and a little added information on top, this one’s a good bet for you. With an advertised £713 reduction in bills on average, there could be significant savings to be had.


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    MoneySuperMarket frequently tops lists as a comparison platform for all sorts of things, from car insurance to household bills. Business bills are no exception to that rule, and through a partnership with industry experts Bionic, the brand now also offers business energy comparison.

    Engie, Hudson Energy, Opus Energy, British Gas and EDF all feature on MoneySuperMarket’s list of suppliers, with all the big six included, making it one of the more comprehensive options on offer. As with other platforms, all you need is your postcode and a few details to gain access to quotes. Over 250,000 businesses have switched using this service, which is not an insignificant figure by any means.

    With the ability to switch online or request a callback, MoneySuperMarket has the same versatility as many of the other top brands on this list. It’s worth noting that the platform also claims exclusivity in some of the quotes they offer, stating their market influence provides them with the chance for greater negotiation, which may be to your advantage.

    Simply Switch

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    If you’re looking for an unbiased, Government-backed option for switching your business gas, then Simply Switch is the answer. Partnered under the Power to Switch Campaign, and created by Moneyexpert, Simply Switch is quick to state the impartial nature of their service, which means they’re able to provide quotes on suppliers without any favouritism.

    As with the other platforms, all that’s needed to get started is your business postcode and a handful of details. Simply Switch also handles all aspects of your switch once started and claims to help businesses save up to £260 per year with their service. There’s also plenty of information on the platform to help you make an informed decision about your switching choice.

    While there are plenty of benefits to this service, there is also a lack of clarity surrounding the suppliers included on their list. While every other comparison site features their suppliers prominently, Simply Switch hides them behind the quotation form. However, if you’re gathering quotes from multiple sources, this certainly isn’t a dealbreaker.

    There are plenty of different business gas comparison sites available online. Still, these top five are a great place to start if you want to get a selection of high-quality, up-to-date and legitimate quotations. When it comes to your business gas, you want to find the best deal for you, and comparison sites are the perfect place to start – but don’t forget to do your research to find something that perfectly suits your company's needs.


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