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    There are lots of reasons why business owners and decision-makers might want to switch business gas suppliers. The three most popular reasons why you should consider using a price comparison tool to compare business gas are as follows:

    1) Your business could save money

    Most of us are accustomed to switching energy suppliers at home to save money. The same principle applies to business gas tariffs too. Choose the right tariff and your business could save hundreds of pounds each year.


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    2) You could receive better service

    Are you unhappy with the level of customer service provided by your existing business gas supplier? Switching to another company could reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone to your existing provider, leaving you with more time to focus on the important things during your working day.


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    3) You could do your bit for the environment

    Do you want to demonstrate that your company is committed to helping the environment? Switching to a green business energy provider could allow you to work with a supplier which is more in line with your company’s values and business ethos.


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    How do I switch business gas providers?

    If you’re familiar with how easy it is to switch your home gas supply, you’ll be relieved to know that switching your business supply works in the same way. Simply use a comparison tool, and instantly receive business gas quotes to suit your requirements. From here, you’ll be able to choose the best deal available and switch online with the minimum of fuss.

    Your new business gas supplier will arrange the switch for you. Your business won’t experience any disruption to supply, and there’s no groundwork required. All that’s required is that you pay your outstanding bill with your old supplier and take a final meter reading. However, you won’t be able to switch to a new business energy supplier until your current contract expires.

    What is a switching window?

    Before your existing business gas contract runs out, you’ll be eligible to look for a new supplier. The length of time the switching window is open can vary from supplier to supplier, but typically sits anywhere between one month and six months before your existing contract ends.

    If you’re unsure of when your switching window begins, you don’t need to worry. Most price comparison sites will find out this information for you, allowing you to access the right business gas deals when the best opportunity arises. This allows you to get on with the busy task of running your business.

    How do business gas price comparison sites work?

    Finding a great deal on business gas is easy. It’s a three-step process:

    1) Enter your postcode to compare business energy quotes
    2) Answer some simple questions online, before receiving a quick call from an energy expert who will work with you to find the best possible deal.
    3) Choose the deal which best suits your requirements and allow your new energy company to do everything else for you.


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    What happens when I switch business gas providers?

    Your new supplier will provide details of when the changeover of contracts will take place. They’ll also provide you with information such as agreed payment methods (such as Direct Debit) and the dates you will be expected to pay your bill. It’s your responsibility to ensure that these details are correct.

    On the day of the switch, your old supplier will request a meter reading so they can provide you with an accurate final invoice.

    It’s worth pointing out that unlike domestic customers, business customers typically aren’t eligible for a cooling-off period. Before you switch suppliers, you should double-check to make sure that you’re happy with your new tariff, and that you’re getting the best possible deal.

    Will I need a new gas meter?

    It’s unlikely that you’ll need a new gas meter. If you have an old gas meter, your new supplier might suggest that you switch it for a brand-new smart meter. Smart meters use wireless networks to provide energy usage data directly to your supplier. This ensures more accurate billing. However, you’re under no obligation to accept a smart meter, and can continue using your old meter if you wish.

    What causes business gas prices to fluctuate?

    The price of commercial gas can change in real-time depending on several factors, including the wholesale price of energy. Other things that can influence gas prices include supply and demand, foreign exchange rates, government levies and regulator fees.

    Most business gas providers offer fixed-rate tariffs. These tariffs ensure that your business will be protected by any potential price rises. Variable-rate tariffs are also available.

    What is green business gas?

    Green gas is the term used to describe gas which is extracted from sustainable sources, such as animal or plant waste. Green gas is a relatively new concept and might not be available to you depending on where your business is located. This is why some price comparison sites will ask for your postcode.

    The environmentally-friendly credentials of green gas are still currently up for debate, with some experts claiming the overall process is uneconomical. You may want to conduct your own research before deciding on whether green gas is the right choice for your company.

    If green gas isn’t a practical option for your business, you might want to consider choosing a supplier which gets involved with grassroots conservation projects or donates money to support eco-friendly initiatives instead. This way, your business can still do its bit for the environment.

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    How do I switch business gas suppliers?

    Comparing business gas costs is simple. All the information you’ll need to receive quotes can be found on your most recent gas bill. You’ll usually need the following:

    • The name of your existing supplier
    • The postcode of your business premises
    • The end date of your current contract
    • The amount of gas your business consumes
    • Your gas meter number

    When you enter these credentials into a business gas price comparison tool, you’ll then be provided with a range of quotes to peruse. You’ll even have the option of filtering your results to find the perfect match.


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