How To Build Recurring Revenue In Your Business

Nathan Hill-Haimes


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    So developing recurring revenue is a great idea, lets explore how can you develop it in your business.

    How can selling telecom services to your customers transform your business value?

    Selling telecom services such as broadband, fibre leased lines and ethernet develops recurring revenue. The nature of these services is that they are billed on a monthly basis, sometime on multi-year contracts. This means if you sell a fibre circuit for £500/month over 3 years, you can be fairly certian you will receive 36 x £500 or £18,000 in income over the 36 month period.

    Amvia partners develop recurring revenue by selling these telecom services to their customers.

    Using innovative technology, as an Amvia partner, you can quickly and easily search for the ideal data service using our online search tool. Amvia's online search tool is integrated into over 20 UK data networks. Simply by entering your customer's location you can find out which providers and data speeds are available. Even better the network options and lead times are also displayed.


    Being an amvia partner now means you can sell BT, Talk Talk, Virgin, Vodafone and over 20 other providers to your business customers. You can now make recurring recenue and add immense financial value into your organisation.

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